At OZLINX Solutions, we have made significant investments in our Copper Products to provide our customers and partners with end to end cabling solutions.

OZLINX copper products are designed with a clear focus on engineering and the application of new technology. At OZLINX we believe that a successful solution demands integration of high quality products, state of the art technology and prompt technical service all aligned with our customer business needs and strategy. At OZLINX, we provide experienced advice along with the best copper cables performance and quality that meets and exceeds Australian and international standards.

If you need a wide range of cost-effective cable solutions, then look no further than OZLINX Solutions. From assembly design and development capabilities to industry-leading customer service, we provide cable assembly services that keep you connected and competitive.

CAT6 UTP Cables

Cat 6, 23 AWG, 4 pair solid Bare Copper with PVC or LSZH jacket. The OZLINX CAT6 cable is high bandwidth and high performance cable for applications at gigabit speed and full duplex transmissions. OZLINX CAT6 cable has a guaranteed performance; exceeds the Category 6 performance requirements and provides positive PSACR up to 250MHz for bandwidth requirement in the future.  

CAT5e UTP Copper Cables

Today, the Category 5e (CAT5e) cable is widely used in the network at home or at work for high-end crosstalk and serve to be strong for 1000BASE-T Ethernet. OZLINX CAT5e cables are used for sending the signals to a particular destination having high rate of performance. The balanced lines which are being used with these cables help in preventing the interference such as crosstalk.

OZLINX CAT5e cable has a guaranteed performance; exceeds the Category 5e performance requirements and provides positive PSACR up to 155MHz for bandwidth requirement in the future.

Voice Solutions

Voice cabling systems are the backbone of your telecommunications system. It gives you and your organization an efficient means of gathering information, collaborating, and making decisions. Whether you are calling a customer, vendor or accessing your telephony database, it is critical to have a telecommunication components and cabling products you can bank on.

At OZLINX Solutions we give you the ability to leverage our R&D experience to help you generate new revenue, keep up with the ever-changing cable applications, meet the standards and adapt your network for new traffic.

Because of our commitment to the cable industry, OZLINX are happy to more for you. We strive to stay as the leading provider of Cable Telephony solutions and to provide high-margin residential and business voice services.

Multipair Cables

Common extension wire types are made up into standard multipair cables. Each conductor is covered with a polyvinyl jacket. Clear tape is then wrapped around the bundle. A solid tinned-copper drain wire is laid over the bundle, which is covered with aluminum-backed tape to serve as an electro static shield. The drain wire provides a simple mechanical termination for the shield. The cable is then covered with a jacket of polyvinyl approximately 0.045" (1.1 mm) thick.

Indoor Distribution Boxes

The ultimate flexibility and security with the OZLINX telecom wiring enclosures with key/screw locks of CAT3 cables for horizontal as well as vertical cabling system. These eliminate wiring errors and provide better usability of the materials with the ease of installation.

Plastic distribution box for surface- and flush-mounted applications OZLINX boxes are highly versatile. They come in three compact sizes with variable depth and are designed for surface or flush mounting. With just a few components, a high degree of flexibility is achieved at low inventory costs. The box is made of polystyrene, a self-extinguishing plastic which ensures corrosion-free, highly impact-resistant, stable and maintenance-free use. All installation aids, such as cable entries, cable fixing rings and wire guide rings, are molded as part of the box.

Disconnection Module & MDF

10-Pair IDC module (Disconnect type), 10-Pair IDC (insulation displacement connection) modules are designed for OZLINX Distribution boxes of 30, 50, & 100 pair. High impact, fire resistant PBT material with corrosion-resistant 50-micron silver plated ODC terminals. Terminate wires using any impact tool designed for termination of Krone terminals.

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