People/Vehicle Counting System is a feature of OZLINX OZNVR-400, OZNVR-800, and OZNVR-1600, which on 90o tracks the bi-directional flow of objects as they pass through a user-defined virtual line. The system is fully compatible with OZLINX IP cameras with greater than 74-80% accuracy to count people/vehicle entering and exiting a particular door/location.

System Features:
  • Wireless or wired solution for easy installation.
  • Wired solution recommended for large scale implementation.
  • Cost effective solution for small or large scale implementation.
  • Robustly scalable.
  • Works with OZLINX most Mega Pixel and H.264 cameras and qualified IP cameras.
  • Reports are available as tables to make data simple and informative. Results can also be exported directly into CSV file format.
The data is an essential indicator and the basis for planning. This solution can be used in shopping malls, libraries, art centers, museums, exhibitions, etc.
System Advantages:
  • Location performance
  • Attracting new tenants
  • Renewal – Leasing negotiation
  • Competitive advantage over other similar businesses
  • Enhanced revenue generation for common areas
  • Traffic and performance comparison
  • Comparison of sales against the traffic count data
  • Informed and educated decisions – where to position advertising displays, etc.
  • Average spending per customer
  • Effective staff scheduling
  • Security staffing





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