OZLINX Server Solution - DDNS
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)

DDNS Server is a server that enables access to the IP Camera through name. The DDNS will be particularly useful when the IP cameras are installed under dynamic IP environment.

OZLINX Server Solution - SRS
SRS (Streaming Relay Server)

SRS (Streaming Relay Server) is a scalable and flexible framework for extending the application area of IP camera to public service. It receives A/V streams from IP camera or Video server and converts the stream into Windows media format. The converted stream is duplicated and retransmitted to the clients.

OZLINX Server Solution - 3G Mobile Server Solution
3G Mobile Server Solution

3G Mobile Server enables mobile phone users to access IP Cameras on IP network by filling the gap in the standard and protocol between 3G Mobile network and conventional IP network. Users can access to IP Camera on IP network through video call


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